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CFE Repeat Writer Comprehensive Course - Sept. CFE

8 Days of Instruction

Course Description

This comprehensive course before the CFE encompasses both case writing and techniques.

Case Writing - This course will give students the opportunity to write more cases which will be professionally marked and debriefed in class so that students can refine their case writing skills and have an edge on the CFE. Students will also learn fundamental case writing techniques, essential for successful case writing. In addition, students will learn a very structured approach for writing the Day 2 Comp on the CFE. For students who were unsuccessful on the CFE, this course will be a perfect complement to Capstone 2.

Lastly, students will also learn techniques for getting sufficient depth in various competencies, including:
  • Numerical Methods - How to perform quantitative analysis quickly and effectively in order to reach at least the 'competent' level
  • Depth in Financial Accounting - Essential technique for financial accounting issues which ensures students will move from 'nominal' or 'reaching competent' to 'competent' once an issue is identified
  • Integrated Tax - Review technical corporate and personal tax and integrate the technical into cases
  • Integrated Audit - Learn audit techniques to apply in cases to move up the competency levels
  • What Went Wrong - Learn from a professional marker the most common mistakes that prevent people from passing and what you can do to correct them
  • CFE Marker Session - Gain insight from a professional marker as to how the CFE is marked and what the marker is looking for
There are 2 versions of the course, a live online option and an in-class option.  The course is intended for both students who will be working as well as students who will be taking time off from work during the summer.

Live Online Version - The live online version is offered outside of normal business hours (evenings/Sunday), so as not to conflict with work.  Furthermore a portion of the course is offered through videos, which can be watched whenever one has free time.

In-Class Version - The in-class version is offered during the day on weekdays.

Students can mix and match sessions, i.e. take some classes live online and some in-class, if it suits their schedule.


Course Extras

  • Personal counselling sessions with an experienced marker
  • Receive a PASS binder and comprehensive set of course materials (ie. cases and lecture notes), prepared for the 2017 CFE, and a free copy of the PASS publication - Detailed UFE Evaluation Guides (for UFE cases relevant to the CFE) (see excerpt)

Course Includes

  • 1 day on case writing techniques - How to write CFE Cases
  • 4 "Technique" sessions
  • Write (and get marked) 5 multi simulations
  • Write (and get marked) 2 comps
  • 2 comps de-briefed
  • 1 personal counselling session (for one exam)
  • PASS comprehensive binder and all course notes
  • Detailed Marking Guide Publication for the CFE


Check out 2 video excerpts from our May 2016 CFE Course, one dealing with a case take-up and another dealing with a "Technique" session.

Course Delivery

PASS recognizes that students have different schedules and are located throughout Canada. Furthermore students learn in different ways. In order to accommodate all students, the PASS course is offered in different formats:
  1. In-Class Course
  2. Live Online Course - See Schedule Below
  3. Video Online - Video Course Available Anytime Prior to Exam
Any missed class can be made up by watching the video


Upcoming Offerings

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Class Dates

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September 12-14, 2018 In-Class Toronto July 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19*, 20, 23, 27, August 2*, 7* GO   
September 12-14, 2018 Live Online July 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 31, August 2, 5, 7 GO   
* This session will be online rather than in-class.

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