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Challenge Exam Course

Course Description

In order to succeed on the 4 challenge exams (Core 1, 2, Assurance and Tax), students must exhibit strong technical knowledge as well as the ability to apply that knowledge to both objective format questions (i.e. multiple choice 4 answer, short answer, matching, true or false etc.) and case writing.

PASS offers courses that review in detail the technical material that students need to know in order to pass the challenge exams as well as teaches students how to write cases for the exams.

PASS will prepare students for these exams by:
  • Providing Technical Sessions - review all difficult topics in depth, in the areas of strategy and governance; financial reporting; management accounting; finance; audit and assurance; and taxation
  • Objective Format Questions - illustrate the application of technical topics to objective format questions (usually 25 - 75 questions per day) by integrating objective format questions into the technical sessions - PASS will train you on the objective testing questions that will be used by the Challenge Exams
  • Learn Case Writing - utilize cases in the technical lectures, particularly for the elective exams
  • IFRS/ASPE Coverage - extensive coverage of IFRS and GAAP for Private Enterprises, including practice objective format questions and solutions
Students have 3 options:
  1. The full Live Challenge Exam Course prepares students for all 4 exams, Core 1 and 2 and the 2 electives, Assurance and Tax. Multiple competencies are being tested on each exam so students who take the full course will have the benefit of (a) live online or in-class sessions (b) training in all of the competencies and (c) having 2 questions marked for each of Assurance and Tax.

  2. Students may want to take Live Courses for Individual Exams.  To accommodate this, PASS offers individual courses as follows:
    1. Core 1 Course - see Core 1 challenge exam components
    2. Core 2 Course - See Core 2 challenge exam components
    3. Assurance Elective - See Assurance Elective challenge exam components
    4. Tax Elective - See Tax Elective challenge exam components

    The individual courses:
    1. are live online or in-class sessions;
    2. include marking 2 questions for each of Assurance and Tax and
    3. give you access to all of the PASS videos.

  3. The Video Course - prepares students for all 4 exams, Core 1 and 2 and the 2 electives, Assurance and Tax. Multiple competencies are being tested on each exam so students who take the video course will have the benefit of getting training in all of the competencies.  This course does not include marking of cases.
Take-Away Material

For all options, students receive:
  • PASS Technical Binder - contains extensive notes for all Competencies (including tax); over 650 objective format questions and solutions
  • PASS Case Binder - includes 2 take-home exams for Core 1 and for Core 2, and 1 exam for Assurance and 1 for tax; each exam includes numerous objective format questions as well as case(s)
PASS Guarantees that:
  • Videos are available 24/7 and there is no limit to the number of times a student can watch the videos
  • If you are unsuccessful in any Challenge Exam, you will be eligible to re-take the PASS Challenge Exam Course at no fee. You must let us know within 10 days of being informed you were not successful in the Challenge Exam.


Check out video excerpts from the Core 1 and Asurance Elective components of our Challenge Exam Course

Course Delivery

PASS recognizes that students have different schedules and are located throughout Canada. Furthermore students learn in different ways. In order to accommodate all students, the PASS course is offered in different formats:
  1. In-Class Course
  2. Live Online Course - See Schedule Below
  3. Video Online - Video Course Available Anytime Prior to Exam
Any missed class can be made up by watching the video


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