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The testimonials below are from students who took our PASS Courses or acquired PASS resources to help them get through their exams.  Learn what past students have to say about PASS.

PASS Students who Took CFE Courses

J. Jia

I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful program to help candidates prepare for the CFE.  With the help of the PASS program, I was able to successfully pass the CFE.

D. Carvalho

Results are out and I've passed.  Huge thanks for all your support, dedication and passion for what you do!  I always refer you guys to my friends and colleagues that are CPA candidates!

S. Zoberman

The CPA PASS program helped broaden my technical and case writing skills significantly which enabled me to successfully pass the CFE

M. Kaveh

I wanted to thank you guys for your incredible CFE prep course!  I passed my CFE thanks to your brilliant program.  I am glad I signed up!  Your program is many times superior to all other programs that are out there and I am recommending it to all CFE writers that I am encountering.

P. Driscol

Your course was an irreplaceable part of my studying and I continue to recommend it to everyone in the CPA program.

G. Shraiky

Do not get lost with different type of resources. There is a lot out there. PASS resources are all what you need to pass this exam.

S. Klein

Thanks so much again for all the help and resources during the process.  It was a huge help.  Couldn't have done it without PASS.

J. Hussain

I thank you and Michael for your continued guidance, support and prompt responses to any quesions I ever had.  Your targeted approach, attention to detail, focus on practice and guidance to weigh assessment areas has enabled me to successfully write these exams.  I would have passed last time but I deviated from approach on Day 2 which resulted in a failing grade for Financial Reporting as I missed out on assessment areas and over emphasized on low information areas.  a lesson learned the hard way!

PASS remains my top recommendation for all CFE writers I come across.

A. Modesti

Thank you for your support leading up to the CFE. The PASS program was a sure aid in my success on the CFE.  I found it very helpful that the comprehensive course provided the methods to tackle the cases in a systematic way. I also appreciated being able to ask questions in the online classes and have you answer questions I had.

R. Fejdasz

I want to thank you both for the wonderful lessons you have both taught me in preparation for the CFE.  They helped a lot and played a huge factor in me passing the exam.

E. Lauterpacht

I definitely could not have
done it without your help.

N. Lema

Repeat Writer - Just a short note to thank you for your help this year.  As you are aware, I did the CFE Day 2/3 this year again (as a repeat writer)The technical review and practice I did through PASS gave me the boost I needed.  I passed the CFE!!! I am over the moon right now and your program helped me to get here!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

U. Emad

I successfully passed the CFE on my first attempt. We received an abundance of resources from the PASS program designed and carried out by you and Michael. which I really think made all the difference since not every CPA candidate has the same luxury or resources provided by their firms. I think these tools were critical to my success.

D. Nayyar

thank you so much for support in providing me excellent materials to help me PASS the CFE this year!

M. Goldreich

Thank you for your well organized and practical set of courses which helped me pass all the CPA exams on the first shot!

R. Jatania

I want to thank you for all the support and resources from Core 1 up to the CFE.  This would not have been possible without the help fo your amazing program designed to succeed.

U. Farooqi

I'm happy to report that I passed the CFE! The CFE comprehensive course was instrumental to my success. Specifically, the  Audit lecture helped me learn how to approach each possible scenario in the CFE and the Financial Accounting lecture helped me reach depth by reminding me to tie case facts to each technical point I raised. Thank you so much for your flexibility and the program you've put together.

E. Zhu

I am writing to you to say nothing but thank you, for all your help and support provided during your 5 day training session and your study materials.  I successfully passed the CFE this year!  Your teaching and guidance were many times far superior than what the Diploma Program (in Toronto) provided.

M. Murphy

I was very happy with the courses you offered for both the challenge exams and the final (CFE)!

L. Jinxiu

The courses you provided to me were definitely really helpful and instructive for me, so I just wanted to share my happiness with you and thanks for your great help on the writing skills and accounting techniques on the CFE.

A. Hassan

I joined the CPA program as a legacy CGA student at the Electives stage with little idea of transitioning onto CA-type skills in case writing.  Ira was very helpful in guiding me through the technical material which gave me a solid ground on with to start my preparation.  I kept in touch with Ira through the CFE and he again helped my by providing some demystifying material on teh brand new standards, Financial Instruments and Revenue.  although the success of CFE depends largely on persisten rigou of timed case writing, the courses at PASS provided a valuable impetus towards that goal.

I. Kolar

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent CFE case writing course you provided and the technical notes summarizing ASPE and IFRS differences. Both went a long way in preparing me for the exam and helping me pass. Keep up the good work

D. Saraf

I just wanted to say another thank you for the CFE prep program, I passed the CFE. Key to success is knowing the right techniques to win the game and PASS knows what they are!

J. Wong

I also wanted to thank you for the insight you've shared in the various PASS videos that I have seen - I learned a lot from the Integrated Audit session and look forward to the sessions next week as well.

R. Khakiani

Just to share with you that was able to pass the day 2 and 3 of the the CFE.  I took the complete CFE course of PASS.  Thank you so much for the guidance to help me pass the exam.

M. Browning

I would like the opportunity to thank you again for your courses and help.  I believe it had a big impact on my successful results of the CFE!

M. D'Souza

Wanted to share with you that I passed the CFE last fall (first attempt). I would like to thank yourself and Michael for the great support you have provided throughout this journey.  It was a pleasure being part of the PASS program.

Former Medalists

S. Hadley

Canadian Gold Medalist

The PASS courses were a very important part of my studies and helped me achieve my success. The instructors were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging and were always willing to answer any questions I had. The tips provided by the instructors were invaluable to me. I found this to be an excellent program.

K. Johnston

Canadian Gold Medalist

I really enjoyed the PASS Course approach to planning. Other courses I took also emphasized planning, but Ira and Michael were really able to show how planning should be properly done.  The proprietary answer guides from PASS which concretely showed what was required for competent were very valuable. It was nice to have objectivity in marking instead of the vague guides provided by the institute. The handout materials were great references to go back to as they were completely comprehensive.

S. Bandura

Canadian Bronze Medalist

I found the PASS course very helpful in my preparation for the exam. The markers of the practice cases provided relevant feedback and enabled me to hone my case writing skills. I found the in-class debriefing and commentary provided a fresh perspective on case writing. The instructors were very experienced and took an active interest in the students. They could be counted on to respond to any questions about the exam or study techniques.

P. Andersen

Ontario Silver Medalist

PASS focuses on what is important. The course helped me to develop an extremely concise writing style and also provided an excellent foundation for continued improvement right up to the exam.

L. Durocher

Ontario Gold Medalist

I think that the information given throughout the sessions about what to expect on the exam was really valuable in feeling comfortable and confident.