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Free Sessions for Indian/International CAs

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Information Session

The CFE is a very different type of exam than what you have seen so far in your studies in your home country.  

Passing the CFE the 1st time is very doable, even for international CAs who are new to the process.  But, understanding what the CFE is trying to test is critical to the process.

Therefore, sign up below to access our  Information video, which will provide a ton of critical information on the exam process.  

The devil is in the details and having this information will help you see that obtaining your Canadian CPA is very achievable.  

How to Write CFE Cases

The CFE is a case based exam.  This is very different than a technical exam, much more commonly tested outside of Canada.  

Sign up below to access our video on how to write CFE cases, as we discuss:
  • The marking scheme for the CFE
  • How to develop effective case outlines while reading the case
  • Pointers on how to write up the case, concisely and effectively
All of these items will be extremely useful as you develop your case writing skills.

Case Take-up

To learn case writing, it is necessary to read and walkthrough a case, in addition to practice case writing.  After signing up below, watch the case take-up video and see how we:
  • Walkthrough a sample case
  • Review how to track key information while reading the case
  • Demonstrate how to write an effective response
  • Explain the marking scheme
This video should give you a clear picture as to what case writing is all about as we go through an actual case.

In order to benefit fully from this session make sure to watch the session on How to Write CFE Cases before you watch this video. 

Who is PASS?

We are an accounting school providing preparatory courses to accounting students attempting to pass their Canadian CPA exams.  We provide CPA training and coaching to our students for all of the exams.

Michael Levi (1987 UFE Ontario Gold Medalist, CA, CPA, MBA) and Ira Walfish (CA, CPA, MBA) are the directors of PASS.  Michael worked for 9 years at Deloitte in audit and Ira worked for 10 years at Ernst & Young in audit before starting PASS.

PASS has been in operation for over 25 years, providing courses to the general public across Canada as well as managing and delivering CPA training within accounting firms (i.e. PWC, EY, Deloitte, etc.).  For the last 24 years PASS has been responsible for the PWC national CPA program in Canada. 

Why do a Canadian CPA?

The Canadian CPA is a professional designation which is highly respected internationally.  The major benefits of obtaining a Canadian CPA are:
  • This will help you advance your career, wherever you choose to work throughout the world; and
  • If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, having a Canadian CPA will:  
                -- increase the probability of your Canadian immigration
                    application being accepted; and
                -- considerably enhance your job prospects once you are in

Under the Memourandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Canada and India, Indian CAs are allowed to go directly to the CFE!  Indian CAs living in India, or anywhere in the world, can prepare for the Canadian exam wherever they are living, and only have to make 1 trip to Canada to write the final exam, the CFE.

Pakistan CAs can also go directly to the CFE, under the MOU signed between Canada and Pakistan, similar to the Indian CAs. 

The PASS Program for International/Indian CAs

PASS has designed a specific program to help international/Indian CAs pass the Canadian CPA exams and become Canadian CPAs.  This program includes the following components:

  • The PASS program can be completed entirely in the student's home country.  Only 1 trip to Canada is necessary to write the Common Final Exam (CFE) in May or September.
  • The CFE is 3 days in length, 4 hours the first day, 5 hours the 2nd day and 4 hours the 3rd day.  It is a case based exam.
  • Students have access to comprehensive technical material and over 50 videos explaining the material. 
  • Students are trained how to write cases and practice write over 20 cases that are marked and debriefed.
  • Lectures are live online and recorded, and students have complete access to all recordings for as long as necessary.
  • The program is designed for students who are working full time.
  • Michael and Ira are available throughout the program to answer questions and guide students.
Students can begin the course any time of the year.  PASS will help students ease into the course and design a study plan.  All sessions are recorded, therefore, students can watch any sessions they have missed and remain current in the course.

For a detailed description of this program, click here.

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