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CFE Indian and Other International CAs (Currently NOT Living in Canada)

Course Description

This course was designed specifically to meet the needs of Indian and other International accountants, not currently living in Canada. The course begins with a session which describes the CFE in detail and instructs students on how to prepare for the exam, including preparing an effective study plan.

Course Elements

The course consists of three elements which we believe are essential for success on the CFE:

  1. Technical review
  2. Sessions on how to write cases and practice case writing
  3. Personal attention for each student

1. Technical Review

In order to pass the CFE students need a solid technical foundation in 6 competencies:

  1. financial reporting
  2. management accounting
  3. assurance
  4. taxation
  5. strategy & governance and
  6. finance
Many international students will not be familiar with Canadian GAAP or taxation. Even for subjects that are similar throughout the world like management accounting and finance, many students will still require a technical review as they will have learned these topics many years ago.

In order to ensure that students achieve the required technical foundation, this course provides:

1) Live technical sessions in financial accounting and management accounting, the two technical topics that are most heavily tested on the CFE.

The financial accounting sessions cover all of the challenging topics under both IFRS as well as ASPE which is an accounting framework developed in Canada for private enterprises. The management accounting sessions cover all of the difficult topics in management accounting including, standard costing and variances, contribution margin analysis, activity based costing etc. For both financial and management accounting, cases are used to demonstrate application of technical knowledge.

2) Technical videos which cover taxation, assurance, strategy & governance and finance. These videos are available to students as soon as they register in the course and can be watched any time at the student's convenience.

2. Case Writing

The CFE is a case based exam so it is vital that students be proficient in writing cases. However based on our experience many international students do not have experience in this area unlike Canadian students who generally write cases throughout their years in university. Therefore PASS has built very extensive training in how to write cases into this course.

Students will have the the opportunity to write numerous cases which will be professionally marked and debriefed in class. Students will also learn fundamental case writing techniques, essential for successful case writing including a structured approach for attacking the comp "Day 2 Case" which is a challenging 5 hour case.

Students will also learn techniques for getting sufficient depth in various competencies, including:

  • Numerical Methods - How to perform quantitative analysis quickly and effectively in order to reach at least the 'competent' level
  • Depth in Financial Accounting - Essential technique for financial accounting issues which ensures students will move from 'nominal' or 'reaching competent' to 'competent' once an issue is identified
  • Integrated Tax - Review technical corporate and personal tax and integrate the technical into cases
  • Integrated Audit - Learn audit techniques to apply in cases to move up the competency levels
The case for Day 1 of the CFE is based on the case used in the CPA Canada Capstone 1 Module which CAs from India and Pakistan are not required to attend.  In order to ensure that students have the necessary knowledge of the Capstone 1 case, PASS provide a summary of the information from the Capstone Module 1 case that is necessary for writing Day 1 of the CFE successfully.  PASS also provides a case writing session on how to write the Day 1 case,

3. Personal Attention

PASS prides itself on providing personal attention for every student. We however have determined that International students require more personal attention due to their lack of experience in case writing.

The course therefore provides 3 personal counselling sessions for each student in which the marker meets with the student to review a case the student wrote and provides constructive advice on how the student could have improved his/her performance.

The course directors Ira Walfish and Michael Levi are also available to students should they have questions or concerns in any area.

Timing of The Course

PASS offers 1 version of the course for the May 2024 CFE and 2 versions of the course for the Sept. 2023 exam.

It is strongly encouraged that students begin both technical studying and case writing before the formal classes begin, as starting earlier is always beneficial  PASS will provide you all of the resources to get you started, once you register.

May 2024 - Begin Now (Anytime After June 2023 - Earlier is Better!)

Formal Live-Online classes begin in November 2023, for the May 2024 CFE.

There is no magic date to begin studying.  However, students should begin studying earlier (if they register earlier), as the earlier one starts studying the technical sections and even begins practice case writing, the better.  You do not have to wait until the live online sessions begin!

Also, if you start after the live online classes begin, it is not a problem as you can watch the videos for any missed classes.  

Sept. 2024 - Version 1 - Begin Case Writing in January

In version 1 of the course, students begin their practice case writing in January and write a number of cases in the winter and spring.  This version has 2 advantages:
  1. it allows students to get an early start on their case writing which is very important given that many students will require significant time to master case writing and
  2. it means that students will not be writing PASS cases while they are in Capstone 2 as they will already have written the cases before beginning Capstone 2.
We strongly recommend this version for students who expect to be working in the summer as well as any students who would like to get an early start on case writing.

Sept. 2024 - Version 2 - Begin Case Writing in the Spring

In version 2 of the course, case writing does not begin until the spring so there is a bigger emphasis on writing PASS cases in the summer.  This version is for students whose schedule does not allow them to begin case writing early or who only join the course in the spring.

Course Venues

Live Online

The live online offerings are outside of normal business hours (evenings/Sunday), so as not to conflict with work. Furthermore a portion of the course is offered through videos, which can be watched whenever one has free time.  These sessions are accessible wherever you are located, as long as you have access to the internet.


All live online sessions are recorded and the videos can be watched at any point in time.

Course Includes

  • Extensive technical notes for all 6 competencies
  • Multiple cases provided for self study
  • 1 day on case writing techniques - How to write CFE Cases
  • 4 "Technique" sessions
  • Write (and get marked) 8 Day 3 Cases (excluding Capstone 2 cases (alternative course))
  • Write (and get marked) 2 Day 2 Cases (excluding Capstone 2 cases (alternative course))
  • Write (and get marked) 2 Day 1 cases, 2 Day 2 Cases and 8 Day 3 Cases (with alternative course only)
  • 2 Day 2 Cases de-briefed
  • 3 personal counselling sessions (for three exams)
  • PASS comprehensive binder and all course notes

What Our Indian and Other International Students Are Saying About Us

M. Dhawan

PASS course has best technical material especially videos and live sessions.  Ira and Michael have provided tremendous guidance on case writing approach which is most important while writing CFE.  Passion for teaching student truly reflect in their work.  I want to thank PASS team and recommend every student to take up PASS course to pass CPA.

S. Goyal

I am so grateful to PASS and so excited to tell you that I was among the successful candidates of CFE Sep 2019 writersClearing the exam in the first attempt makes you feel so good and confident.

Thanks again for all yor lectures and case studies and help with techniques to deal with the case writing.  It really helped to overcome the fear of exam patterns.

A. Pathak

Ira and Michael from PASS played a significant role in the beginning of CPA journey, both reintroduced the concepts and explained the case writing techniques to pass CFE.  Study material provided has sufficient theory to understand concepts easily and clear any confusions.  The experience of number of years is reflected in the classes, lectures and webinars.  Thanks to both of you.

D. Bhavin

As a newcomer and internationally qualified accountant, I knew (passing) would be a challenging task, but with PASS it became all the more manageable. I credit most of my success to outstanding study materials and quality live instructions by Michael and Ira. 

D. Mehta

PASS has a customized study program for candidates like me and a flexible study program for candidates who are working. The binders, presentations, videos and personal feedback were very helpful in preparing for the CFE. I loved the techniques used for Assurance, Management Accounting and Financial Reporting.

P. Langote

I successfully passed the CFE in the 1st attempt all thanks to Ira and Michael.  After a gap of 7 years of studies it was difficult to get back to the books.  That's when I researched about classes for the CFE, came across PASS and enrolled for the course especially designed for Indian & International CAs who are not very well versed with case writing.

I especially liked the case writing classes, where every small detail was taught whether it was planning an outline, ranking the AOs, integrating the case facts, identifying the big picture, time management etc.  The counselling sessions with the markers helped me to a great extent to improve my case writing skills.

Thank you Ira and Michael for all your guidance and help.  It truly means a lot.


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Exam Date


Class Dates

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May 28-30, 2024 Live Online First Class: November 9, 2023
Last Class: May 12, 2024
September 10-12, 2024 Version 1 Live Online First Class: January 11, 2024
Last Class: August 11, 2024
September 10-12, 2024 Version 2 Live Online First Class: January 11, 2024
Last Class: August 11, 2024

Course Price


INSTALLMENTS - Interest free installment plans available.
Please feel free to call PASS to discuss possible installment plans.

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Optional Add-on Course

Students from certain countries (e.g. Pakistan and India) are not required to attend Capstone 2. During Capstone 2 students have the opportunity to write prior CFE cases and have them professionally marked.  It is strongly recommended that all students purchase the Capstone 2 material from CPA, to practice write prior CFE cases.

Those students who wish to have these exams professionally marked, have the option to register in an additional PASS course, the PASS Alternative Course for Students not Attending Capstone 1 and 2.  Click here if you are interested in taking this Alternative Course.  (Note – This Alternative Course is an optional add-on to the course for Indian and other International students and cannot be taken in place of this course).

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