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Letters from Satisfied Students

M. Di Dinato

I found your videos that share realistic exam views and scenarios to be the most beneficial. The approach taken by PASS in regards to important topics and not getting hung up on things (like pensions) was extremely useful and reassuring.

You and Michael were extremely helpful, there are numerous occasions where I sent emails at 12 and 1am and received responses almost instantly.

Another thing that really impressed me was even during the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah) you both replied to me almost instantly.

I was thoroughly impressed with PASS and definitely owe a lot of my success to the materials provided, especially the lectures. The way you both focused on passing and realistic scenarios was very important and reassuring. I put my faith in your judgement, and any topics you both deemed unimportant, I followed. Doing this saved me a lot of time, stress, and ultimately helped me pass both exams.

As I mentioned I hadn't been in school for over a year, and only took 1 internal audit course in university. I managed to get straight Cs (competent) in every category and pass with ease. I would also like to mention that I don't work for an accounting firm, (I work for a private business) and have no competitive advantage over my peers who are given training etc.

PASS works if you dedicate the time and follow the guidance of Michael and yourself.

Thanks for your help, (and for the awesome core 1 and 2 prep materials)

M. Kates

It is evident to anyone who has met Michael Levi and Ira Walfish that they love learning. Consequently, students may become more interested in the subject material than they would otherwise.

In the CKE course, students are taught the technical fundamentals of all six competency areas while learning how to answer multiple choice, how to approach them strategically, and how to eliminate ambiguous answers, all within a constrained timespan that mirrors the actual CKE.

The first time I wrote the CKE I did not pass but with Michael and Ira's tutelage, I performed reasonably well. Fast forward to the UFE, which I also did not pass on my first attempt. Since one of my glaring shortcomings was the comprehensive case, I registered with the PASS UFE Comprehensive course on my second try.

Michael and Ira teach important skills - how to plan an outline, how to rank, how to integrate case facts, and how to recognize pervasive qualities - all vital towards attacking that five hour monstrosity. Michael and Ira have helped hundreds of CA students overcome the hurdles of those extremely difficult exams and I would recommend their course to anyone in the programme.

V. Wilson

I just want to thank you and Michael for the work you put in to teach such a great course. This is how I feel about your courses – I don’t believe I would have passed the CKE, SOA and possibly UFE without them.

I couldn’t see the benefits of paying for a prep course, so I decided I would just attempt the exam without any preparatory classes. That was a mistake, I failed and my deciles were quite poor. I decided it may be worth it to take one if the 3 prep courses I was introduced to. I did my research and found yours to be the best for me, because of word of mouth and due to the high costs for the CA programs, the financial flexibility offered by you and Michael. Well, I passed the CKE and my marks improved from “quite poor” to pretty good!

I went on to take the SOA and IFRS courses also offered by PASS and little did I know, the CKE course I took several months prior would assist me for SOA. I believe all 3 of these prep courses assisted in my passing of the SOA. Next was the UFE and there was no way I was not registering and taking the PASS UFE prep course. That course was a bit different from the rest, it was a lot of work and learning but very educational, and again the CKE course assisted with my UFE study and writing – Although I was learning and touching up my case-writing skills, I did not have to worry too much about the technical as I had a good base from the CKE course.

I thank you and Michael for offering courses that helped me throughout this process.

C. Tang

I'd like to say thank you for putting on such an amazing UFE program. I was a repeat writer, and took part in you Comprehensive and Day 2 Case writing courses this summer to help me prepare for the UFE, and I passed this year.

The teaching approaches were excellent - I really enjoyed each class! Most of all, the case and writing techniques I learned and used throughout my preparation process were invaluable and the Day 2 Cases were excellent learning cases.

Thank you again!