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Financial Reporting Technical Review - 2024 (2 books)

Financial Reporting Technical Review (Orange/Yellow/Blue Jacket)

This publication was prepared specifically for the CFE, and provides candidates with a concise technical review of financial accounting topics expected to commonly be examined on the CFE.  The publication includes 2 cases which are used to demonstrate how to apply accounting knowledge in a CFE case.

Solid technical knowledge in financial accounting is critical because the Financial Reporting Competency makes up a significant percentage of the CFE and candidates need depth to achieve "competent" in several assessment opportunities in order to achieve depth in financial accounting.  This is critical since in order to pass the CFE one must achieve depth in financial reporting or management accounting and in order obtain one’s Public Accountant’s license, depth must be achieved specifically in financial reporting.

Financial Reporting Technical Review for CFE Writers (Blue/Red/Green Jacket - Condensed Version)

In addition to receiving the Financial Accounting Technical Review, you will also receive a free online companion publication (no print copy),  Financial Accounting Technical Review for CFE Writers.

This second publication is a condensed book and provides a “bare bones technical” review for each major CPA Handbook Section.   Once you have built your technical knowledge base and are coming closer to writing the CFE, you will find this second publication very useful for quickly refreshing your technical knowledge.

Note – Students who attend the PASS IFRS courses will receive both publications for no extra charge.

Price: $75

Management Accounting Technical Review - 2024

Under the CPA certification program, management accounting has become very important on the CFE and it will therefore be critical for students to have a strong grounding in this area.  Management accounting may come up on the Day 2 Case as a common area that needs to be addressed by all students regardless of the depth area chosen.  It can also be tested heavily on the Day 3 Cases, which has been the case when it does not come up on the Day 2 Case.

The purpose of the Management Accounting Technical Review Book is to provide a detailed review of the major management accounting topics that could be tested on the CFE.  Following the technical review of each topic, there is a discussion of how that topic may be tested on the CFE.

In addition to providing a technical review, the book provides case scenarios in management accounting with detailed solutions as well as numerous problems students can use to practice the many types of calculations that may need to be performed on the CFE.

Price: $100

Financial Accounting on The CFE - An Integrated Approach - 2024

The purpose of this booklet is to demonstrate how various financial accounting topics are likely to be tested in CFE simulations. This book summarizes how financial accounting topics have been historically tested on the exams. This provides students with a very strong indication of how financial accounting will be tested in the future and will therefore greatly assist them in preparing for the Financial Reporting competency.

This booklet will help students to:

  1. Prioritize your studying, as you will be able to observe which aspects of a given topic have been examined historically; and
  2. Gain a solid understanding of how topics are tested in a simulation which will enable you to more effectively apply your technical knowledge in financial accounting to CFE simulations.
The booklet is organized by accounting topic and covers all topics that have come up historically.

For each topic discussed, the topic is broken down as follows:

1. Past testing of Topic:

A detailed summary is provided of how the topic has been tested in the past. Guidance is also provided with regard to how the topic could potentially be tested in the future both under IFRS and ASPE. 

2. Integration:

There is a section on integration which discusses how the topic might be integrated with various other competencies. This is important, given that CFE simulations always test more than one competency, and therefore the ability to integrate financial accounting with other competencies is very critical.

3. Summary:

A summary is provided of the cases in which the accounting topic has been tested over the years. This gives students the opportunity to practice dealing with specific accounting topics.

Price: $65

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